Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skinfood products in stock.

Good morning Everyone. Today I would like to review all Skinfood products in stock. Some of them I made a review already so you can keep looking on my older post.

O.k. ready ????

Please follow me :

1.Black Sugar Mask Wash Off $ 15 CAD 1 available

Moisturizing exfoliating wash off scrub mask woth minerals, vitamons and glycolic acid.Clean seas and revitalizes skin


Apply evenly after cleansing.avoid eye and mouth area.

Gently scrub adding water, wash off with lukewarm water.

2.Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam $ 20 CAD 1 available

This refreshing clear foam cleanser makes dry, dull skin clear and smooth with apple vinegar rich in minerals and organic acids. Honey extract moisturizes skin after cleansing.


Foam a desired amount with warm water and ma ssage gently onto face. Rinse with warm water.

3.Green Tea Bubble Foam $ 20 CAD

This cleansing foam provides deep cleansing for makeup with rich foam, making dull skin clear and clean.


Foam a desired amount and massage gently onto wet face. Rinse with warm water.

4.Aloe Sun BB(Blemish Balm) Cream $ 20 CAD

#1 Light Beige

#2 Natural Beige 1 available

A skin-care and make-up in one, this cream leaves your skin feeling moisturized while it corrects your skin tone. your complexion looks naturally air-brushed, clear and fresh! Rich with aloe, it excellently soothes skin and provides moisture. Also contains SPF 20! Apply as a foundation or as a base before your foundation


Apply using fingers, in order, to cheeks, nose, jaw, and then forehead. Spread thinly by patting with fingers.

5.Peach Sake Pore BB Cream $ 20 CAD

#1 Light Beige

#2 Natural Beige 1 available

BB cream controls sebum, changes uneven skin surface to smooth skin.


Get appropriate amount on the back of your hand. Apply with fingers by spreading through out your face in the order of cheeck, nose, forehead.

6.Black Bean Nose Pack(7pieces)
$ 15 CAD 3 available

Containing black bean extract, this nose pack removes blackheads and dead skin on nose, keeping it clean and smooth.Easy and convenient way to keep clean nose skin.


1. After washing, wet nose area sufficiently.
2. Remove clean film on sheet with dry hand, and a pply smooth side onto nose.
3. Press lightly from ridge to sides, and leave it to dry.
4. When it becomes dry, peel off from sides an d wash li ghtly with toner or water.

7.Broccoli Sunscreen Cream, SPF42 PA+++ $ 20 CAD
1 available

This sunscreen cream contains a variety of vitamins and broccoli extract to revitalize skin tired from summer weather.It provides high UVA and UVB protection for outdoor a ctivities.


15-20 minutes before going outside, apply to ex pose d areas such as face, neck, arms, and legs, avoiding eye areas.

8.Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++ $ 20 CAD
1 available

A sunscreen cream containing tomato extract rich in lycopene and various organic acids to protect skin from UV rays. It simultaneously blocks both UVA and UVB rays that causes premature aging of skin.


Apply 15-20 minutes before going outside. Apply to exposed areas such as face, neck, arms and legs, avoiding eye areas. If you're outside for an extended period of time, reapply as needed.

9.Tomato Whitening Cream $ 25 CAD

This skin-brightening cream containing arbutin and tom ato extract rich in lycopene, vitamins, and minerals makes dull skin clear and blemish-free and improves skin tone, with its non-sticky, lightweight, soft texture.


After serum, apply gently onto face and cover face with hands, for deep absorption.

10.Lettuce Cucumber Massage $ 20 CAD 1 available

A refreshing, oil-free massage gel containing lettuce and cu cumber extracts rich in vitamin B,it moisturizes and nourishes skin, while providing resilience.


After washing, apply desired amount onto face, avoiding eye and mouth areas, and massage gently to absorb.

11.Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream $ 20 CAD
1 available

A concealer for dark circle contains Salmon eggs & Salmon oil effectively covers dark circle,and brightens eye rims by being applied smoothly


After applying foundation, dispense an adequate amount and then gently tap onto dark circles around the eyes.

12.Fresh Fruit Lipstick & Cheek $ 15 CAD 2 available


A clam and natural image.It's a multi-purpose product that makes your lip&cheek moist and lustrous with fresh fruit colors.


For lips : Using your finger or a lip brush,apply it on your lips.

For cheek : Using your finger or sponge,apply it evenly on the part of your cheek that protrudes a bit when you smile.

13.Green Grape Fresh Light Pact $ 23 CAD

This lightweight pact containing green grape extract creates a natural-looking, clear skin tone, with its fine, soft particles made

using air jet mill technology.

#13: Light beige(Lightest color)

#21: Skin beige(Medium color) 1 available

# 23 Natural beige(Darkest color) 1 available


Using puff, apply thin layer all over face.


This is all the stuff that I have at the moment. I will reveal new products as they come in.


***Sample are included with every order.

* Information of Expiration Date*
Date on the products means manufacturing date Not expiration date.
Expiration date is 3 years after from manufacturing date.

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